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(Sam x sister! Reader) I am a monster.
(Sam x sister! Reader) I am a monster.
Sequel to "Never Again"

  Sam had caught up with Ruby after the big fight that him and his brother had in the motel room. He covered up any wounds he had gotten from the fight and bandaged them up with a tear from his shirt. Sam didn't want to leave his siblings behind. He loved his brother and sister, but he just could be near them right now. Not after what he did.
    He felt like he just wanted to die for what he did. He hurt his only sister while she was just trying to get him and his brother to stop fighting. What the hell was he thinking!?  He couldn’t get her reaction out of his mind. The look of fear and panic that she gave him was more horrifying than anything seen in his life. After he left, he felt nothing but guilt for what he had done. He didn’t mean what he did to (Name). He was just so angry, that he would have harmed anyone that got in the
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Meliodas LineART by HonYakusha-san Meliodas LineART :iconhonyakusha-san:HonYakusha-san 3 0 Markiplier = Maes Hughes?!? by InnuDoggy Markiplier = Maes Hughes?!? :iconinnudoggy:InnuDoggy 313 98
Rin X Shy! Reader
The streets were pretty busy. I fidget and look at my feet shift. I glance around nervously as I was waiting. I was waiting for Rin. well.....we not going out or anything or boyfriend or girlfriend thing. Well, it started out yesterday at school.
I was called from a student saying someone was waiting for me at the rooftop. One of my friend squeal making assumptions saying, “it’s confession!!!” I flustered, “I-I-I can’tt!!” I was nervous and too shy around guys. I can’t imagine a guy fall for me until I went up to the rooftop. I was a nervous wreck hoping just misunderstanding. Where I stood was Rin having his back turn.I notice right away it was him. I lose my train a thought. Rin was a really handsome guy. some girls really like him. I’m just thinking it just nothing. Rin turn around and look at me. I try to speak as I opened my mouth
“u-uh...l-looking f-f-for me?” I stuttered so much. it was noticeable
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Fairy Tail X Reader: Seven years later
I look at the ships. the wind begin to pick up noticing how hard it was blowing on the sail boat. I look at the member of the Fairy Tail going to take the S class exam.
"________" I jumped up and look back seeing Natsu smiling.
"uh...hi," I said. Natsu lean in gave me a look, "hey, what's wrong?"
"______, are you okay?" said Wendy coming over with the others like Lucy, Gray, Juvia, Levy and Gajeel.
"Will you guys come back and play with me?" I said with a sad face.
Natsu laughed and gave a pinch on the cheek, "you crybaby. we will be back and have time to play with you right guys?" They all nodded their head. I wipe my tears and smile, "okay promise?"
"promise," said Natsu patted my head.
Wendy gave me a hug. We were both nearly same age but Wendy was a couple months older. We both are the same height.
"please be careful," I told her.
She nodded and gave me a smile.
Lucy smile, "don't worry, we won't stay long."
"I hope so. I want you guys come home safe and sound so we can play."
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Fairy Tail X Shy! Reader: Grand magic competition
We walking in the cities going into the Grand magic tournament. I look at the people and town. it was amazing. it had nice field to it.  
“______” I flinched hearing my name looking at my master staring at me.
“this is no time for sightseeing. we are on a mission,” said my master.
I nodded from inside my hood. One of my “comrades” gave me a snickered.
“oh...______...little _______ come out of there,” said Flare. I stay quiet.
“Flare!” said my master. Flare suck her teeth. We kept walking. I glance at the town and smiled. how nice. I wished I could be smile like that. I want that happiness on those kids faces. there’s no such thing for me because I’m a Raven tail.
We were in the hotel. I just stood by the door as I listen. My master did something evil. After all, we are Raven tail. We can do whatever as we please. I hated it. My master laughed. I felt sorry. I’m sorry whoever my master hurted.
“I ca
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FMA- Elrichesters by Hikaru9 FMA- Elrichesters :iconhikaru9:Hikaru9 52 10 Fullmetal Coloring page by crossing-dark Fullmetal Coloring page :iconcrossing-dark:crossing-dark 68 15 Lucario. :Lineart: by moxie2D Lucario. :Lineart: :iconmoxie2d:moxie2D 374 95 Commission: A Flurry of Fangs by jocarra Commission: A Flurry of Fangs :iconjocarra:jocarra 652 176 Howl's Moving Castle by HollowCN Howl's Moving Castle :iconhollowcn:HollowCN 54 6 Haruno Sakura .:Lineart: by imran-ryo Haruno Sakura .:Lineart: :iconimran-ryo:imran-ryo 107 24 Tropicana by TheCarrotSaysYumYum Tropicana :iconthecarrotsaysyumyum:TheCarrotSaysYumYum 192 44
(Dean x sister! Reader) Never again.
Dean x sister! Reader
Never again.
Seaquel to "Brother my brother"

    It had been a day since Dean had left his younger sister at the motel. He was angry, but now at himself. How could he do such a thing to his little sister? His baby, whom he raised since their mother died. Dean didn’t really mean what he said to her. He thought that if she weren’t around, she would be safe from them. Him and Sam. He wanted her to be as far away from them as possible. He saw how Sam nearly killed her with his physic powers and he didn’t even care. He didn’t care. He felt horrible for what he said to her. He couldn’t believe he left her there at the motel alone. What kind of brother was he? He loved her, more than anything in the world, besides Sam. He was supposed to protect her f
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(Sam x Dean X sister!Reader) Brother my Brother
Sam x Dean X sister! Reader
“Brother my Brother”
This is based from the song from the Frist Pokémon movie from 1999. (It was awesome to be a nineties kid!) I just think that really fits with the whole theme of the show. You are their little sister and are caught in the brother’s big fight in "the levey breaks" in season 4 and got hurt really bad. And not just physically.

“Brother my brother”
“Tell me what are we fighting for”
“We've got to end this war”
“We should love one another”
“Oh, can't we just pretend”
“This war never began”
“We can try”
“Brother my brother”

    You and Dean had followed Sam and Ruby to the motel where they were staying at and Dean was not happy. Sam had escaped from the lock down room where Bobby and Dean placed him in. It horrifie
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Courage (Supernatural x Half!Demon!Reader) Chp. 1
You walked down the sidewalk, your heart overwhelmed with sorrow. You stuck your hands in your hoodies' pockets as you passed people, you could feel their gaze on you. You looked down, blood was splattered on your hoodie. You sighed, your hood was up, your hair covering your (e/c) eyes. You knew hunters would be after you soon, you had comitted a serious crime, well it wasn't actually you. You were possessed my a demon claiming to be your father. You knew you were half demon, but in all your days, you never thought you would find the demon. He made you kill your family, your little sister, who was barely older than nine. Your baby brother, he was only two months old, but you killed him. And your mother, oh how you loved her, she would always bring you and your siblings presents. She gave you a knife that had weird markings on it, she had told you that you would have to use it one day. Tears started to stream down your face, you chuckled as you cried, the memories flowed back to you. Yo
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i've been on a placement or what ever i chould call it this week. and today was my last at a car mechanic, still gona be there next time we have placement. but thats not why i laugth so hard today, no. 
the workers there got their payment and something must have gone wrong in the payment so they started to talking about it.... i wansen't listening that much, but out of no where one of the guys working there said "but if you call a elephant for a giraffe it is still a elephant" and then he just when like he had dropped the mic, they ended the discussion there like that was the best awanser they have got all day. no one talked about it for like an hour before the boss comes and ask about the payment, and the same guy say the same thing again. and while they talk about this a old man comes out of no where, and showes the middel finger to the bossPissed Bill Cipher emote . the boss just say "hi" like this was the most natural thing in the world. and the old guy just continue to show everyone the finger and then just take his car and leaves. i din't no if i should laugh or if i just should shut up. but in the end i laughed. i think i was the only one that was srsly confusedConfused John Travolta Meme (comment/chat emoticon . meh whatever. 
so that was my day, i don't think i can forget it....nope can't do. Nope 

Giraffe Dance + PLZ Money n Coins Dumbomote: ''Can I? ... really?'' 


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